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Have a question about the GameMan? Look here to see a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that's not listed here, ask me at! - Last updated 9/22/02
Q: Your website is dumb. There's nothing but a big picture of a GameBoy. Where's the rest of the pages?
A: Click on the buttons of the GameBoy.

Q: Why in the world did you spend all that time and money to build a huge GameBoy?
A: It was done as a senior project at the University of California, San Diego

Q: That was your senior project?!? What a nerd! What type of major would let that be a senior project?
A: I was in the Interdisiplinary Computing in the Arts Major, better known around campus as the ICAM program. It was a mix of computer programming, art theory, new media, and all kinds of good stuff.

Q: So I understand it was your senior project... but why a large Gameboy?
A: My original plan was to make a huge 8-ft long NES controller that you would stand on and hit the buttons with your feet. As I began to plan for that project, I came up with the idea of making a huge GameBoy instead. The original design put it at about 7ft. tall.

Q: 7 ft tall!?! That would have been awesome! Why did you scale it down?
A: The honest answer is money. All I could afford was a 15" flat panel monitor. With that size screen, it put the height of the GameMan at a bit over 3 ft. It's still a huge GameBoy, so I'm happy with it.

Q: Does it really work?
A: Yes, it does! It's a fully playable system, it works just like the original GameBoy, just a lot bigger.

Q: So how does it work? Is there a real GameBoy inside it?
A: The heart of the GameMan is an old P200 computer that I took apart and modified for this project. All the pieces, motherboard, power supply, hard drive, etc. are mounted inside the computer in various locations. It was actually quite a challenge to fit everything inside.

Q: What about the cartridges? How do you store the GameBoy game in it?
A: I came up with an easy way to do the cartridges. The cartridges do not contain any electronics at all. Instead they are basically large keys that when inserted into the GameMan, press a specific button for the game that is to be loaded.

Q: How much did it cost to build the GameMan?
A: It was a bit over US$500. The biggest cost was the flat panel monitor.

Q: How long did it take to build?
A: Amazingly, the entire project was completed in only six weeks.

Q: Is the GameMan for sale? Will you offer it on Ebay?
A: Currently, the GameMan is NOT for sale. However, I would consider any generous offers.

Q: Why are there big ugly handles on the GameMan and it's cartridges?
A: The GameMan itself weighs about 100lbs, and is therefore very hard to carry, without the handles, it would be near impossible to carry without damaging it. As for the cartridges, I put the handles on to make it easier to insert/remove them from the GameMan.

Q: Are you going to make a huge GameBoy Color/GameBoy Advance/GameGear/Lynx/etc?
A: No. One system was more then enough.